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[[Mat 8:8]] AKJV The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.

The word of God when spoken creates what is said. There’s power in the spoken word of God. Anytime God spoke, what He said happened. God’s word CANNOT fail. Jesus put it this way; “…to whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;” *(Joh 10:35). God’s word cannot be broken, once it comes to you. Glory to God!

The Centurion demonstrated great faith when he told Jesus just to speak a word and his servant will be healed. He knew God’s word can’t fail. Many times, God’s people fail to connect to their blessing because they don’t mix the word that comes to them with faith. The story of a dear lady who had been believing God for the fruit of the womb comes to mind. She had miscarried fives times anytime she attempted carrying a seed. After a very exhaustive meeting, her faith stirred a word in my spirit as she narrated her story to me. I said to her, “You’ll hear the cry of a baby a year this time in your house.”

Well the following year she had a beautiful girl. She believed the word. Glory. You also must believe when the word comes to you. The spoken word may not always be audible. For example, God still speak to us through His word (the Bible) and it’s not audible. This means, even through this devotional, God can speak to you and that word cannot be broken! Hallelujah!

I speak open doors to you. Receive your long awaited miracle! Financial doors are opening to you. Receive healing for your body now in Jesus’ name. Your debts are cancelled now in Jesus’ name. Now do what the men of faith did; mix the word with faith. Believe that it’s happening now. The word has come to you. Only believe! Hallelujah! It’s working! Glory!

I believe your word. The word is working for me now! Miracles are locating me. All things are working together for my good right now. Hallelujah! I receive and have my miracle now in Jesus’ name!

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