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[[Rev 2:4]] KJV Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

In Revelation 2, Jesus expressed His displeasure about those who leave their first love. First love is has to do with first works. Love is manifested in our works. This explains why Jesus admonished the church to repent and do their first works (Rev 2:5).

Today, the Holy Ghost is challenging us to go back to our first love. Our passion for the things of God must be rekindled. Unfortunately, many have allowed busy schedules, the pleasure of sin, and even in most cases, offence have impeded them from working for God or better still, doing their first works.

Work is biblical, and money is crucial. But anything that cannot promise you of life eternal is not worth keeping. It’s important that we appreciate the fact that even though many of the things we do here on earth may be needful, it’s only what we do for God’s kingdom that has heavenly commendation.

Prune yourself from those things that opaque your first works. Go back to actively serving God with joy and gladness. Let the zeal of the Lord eat you up. Be sold out to the Master. The time to return is now. So pause, ponder, and go back to your previous performance. God’s waiting.

Father I thank you for calling me back to my first love and first works. I receive the wisdom and humility to be fully sold out to the ministry. Today, I make a quality decision to return to my first works. I thank you Lord for restoration in Jesus’ name.

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