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[Joh 3:30]] KJV He must increase, but I must decrease.

Life is the spirit and spiritual authority is the result of the spiritual dominating the senses. If you are going to have power with God and men, you must choose to decrease for God to increase in your life.

Great men and women of God who walked in outstanding spiritual power were men and women who decreased in themselves in other for God to increase in their lives. Men like Smith Wiggleswoth who raise 18 people from the dead in his ministry had a saying, he’d say “All of me; none of Him. More of me; less of Him. More of Him; less of me. All of Him; none of me.”

These men, like John the Baptist, knew the secret to spiritual power. You see, to walk in the miraculous, you must die daily to self. The Holy Ghost MUST increase and you must decrease. His voice, His will, His presence and His purpose must always swallow yours.

Many times, we desire the supernatural but we are not willing to let somethings go. John knew best; he said I MUST decrease and He MUST increase. Let virtues like love, prayer, purity and intimacy with the Holy Ghost increase in your life. Give them more attention. Let them fill your heart. And you’ll see the fullness of God break fourth from within you.

Let Him increase in you and let His glory, beauty, splendor, power and presence fill your life. It’s our year of fruitfulness and may you be filled with all the fullness of God.

Precious Holy Spirit you are the most adorable Person in my life. I love and appreciate your power and presence in me. I submit willingly to your will and ways. Have your full will in me. Burn away every trace of self in me that it’ll be all of you and none of me. I love you.

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