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[[Mat 17:21]] KJV Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

Prayer and fasting is a glorious way of activating spiritual power. Prayer consecrated through fasting activates God’s divine ability from within us that generates paranormal results in our lives. Jesus told us in the above that prayer and fasting deals with even the toughest of issues.

Fasting means to abstaining. But just going without food does nothing to your spirit. In fasting, we abstain not only from food, but also everything carnal that may take our attention. Then we have quality mind and focus in prayer. This give our spirit the opportunity to penetrate our body and mind, dominate them, and also enhance our alertness to hear from God.

So the purpose of a fast is to prayer. This is why in the New Testament, you always find the term “Prayer and fasting,” and not “Fasting and prayer.” The prayer precede the fast. To get results, we must prayer with the right mind, in the right atmosphere and sensitivity of soul and spirit, so that we are able to enforce heaven’s order in the earth. Hallelujah!

Fasting is a consecration. But prayer is the power. They work hand-in-hand. So make time to pray when fasting. And focus in prayer. Stay away from distractions so that your sensitivity is sharpened to pick up signals from the Holy Ghost. Glory to God!

Father thank you for enlightening me through your word. I receive the grace to be consecrated in prayer through fasting, and I produce results in Jesus’ name.

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