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[[Job 9:10]] KJV Which doeth great things past finding out; yea, and wonders without number.

In the above, Job recalls the sovereignty of God. He contended that God does great things that are past finding out, and wonders without number. This actually is the nature and character of our God: He does awesome and mighty things that are inexplicable. This is why reasoning and logic always misses God.

Job was right when he said God does wonders without measure. You cannot explain why a man would stretch a rod over a sea and the sea will part asunder! Its unthinkable that touching a born-blind man’s eye with spittle and clay will create brand new eyes to see! You cannot explain why the rod placed on a dead boy can revive him to life again.

Now think of the galaxies, the billions of stars, the Milky Way, the planets etc. It’s just amazing how they all happened. The smallest star should be thousands of times bigger than the earth, yet there are billions spread out in outer space. And God put them there! Wonders with number! Glory to God!

What excites me is the fact that you are a child of this great God of wonders. He’s the same God who has promised to do you good. Glory! Looking at His track record, I cannot just predict your future because He does great things that are past finding out. Get ready for the unprecedented. Your God will make you a wonder. Where you are now doesn’t matter. What counts is where you’ll be. Get ready for a wonder! Glory!

Father I thank you for who you are. You are the beauty and wonder in my life. I’m full of praises to you because of your great wonders you are about to wrought in me. You are awesome. And your ways are awestruck. I adore you today. Hallelujah!

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