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[[Col 1:12]] KJV Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

Paul praying for the saints in Colosse brings forth three profound revelation about the man in Christ which are very vital for our learning.

1. Firstly, You are made meet by the Father. ‘Meet’ means to be made sufficient or to render fit. It actually means an enablement or to qualify. In Christ we are equipped and rendered fit. You may be born physically with a disability or challenge. In Christ however, you are receive an enabling ability to defy all odds against you. Glory!

2. Secondly, You are a partaker of the inheritance in the saints. In Christ we have an inheritance as saints. Inheritance is that which is willed legally to an heir after the death of the testator. In our case Jesus is the testator. We are the heirs (Rom 8:17). And His word is His will. Through Christ’s death on the cross, we became partakers of His word (Gal 3:13-15). Now we can claim what His word says about us and have it manifest in our lives. Hallelujah!

When Jesus died, we became partakers of everything the word of God talks about. We can prosper superabundantly, live in divine health, and be successful in anything because it’s our legal right in His will.

3. Finally, you are a saint. A saint is one who is sacred and holy: one eminent of piety and virtue. The Father has made us saints. Before Him we’re holy and without blemish. Unfortunately, most of God’s people still define themselves by their past, earthly weaknesses and flaws. Or even by other people’s opinion of themselves.

You must see your self the way God sees you. Your weaknesses in the flesh doesn’t and can’t change who you’re in Christ. Just are your good works couldn’t change your sin nature before salvation, in the same vain, your weaknesses can’t change your righteous nature in Christ.

Be confident about who you are in Christ. Speak boldly about it. Don’t allow the devil or even a preacher to put you back in bondage of what Christ has liberated you from. As you keep confessing your convictions in the word, the weaknesses you see in your life will give way to the manifestation of the word in you. Nothing is bigger than the word of God. Glory!

Father I thank you for your word. Am I partaker of the inheritance in the saints in the light. I declare that am the righteousness of God in Christ. Am a saint. Am Christ is formed daily in me building me up unto the measure of the fullness of His stature in Jesus’s name.

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